April 14th isn’t right around the corner but it’ll be here before you know it.  Until then, NetherRealm released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.   This one highlights arguably the fan-favorites since part 2: Kitana + Kung Lao.  

You get the see Lao’s hat make several razor-sharp transformations and w/ his signature moves + new ones.  While Kitana goes to work w/ her fan blades as she can now create small winds to pick you up as a combo starter.  We even get to see one of her fatalities against Kano as it looks quite good.   

Those who pre-order will get access to play as the original sub-boss Goro.  Yes, Goro lives! MKX will launch for all gaming platforms liek the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, + Xbox One.