PS4-controllerJust when you thought it was safe to not worry about spending more $$$ on a newer console.  According to the latest report from Kotaku, Sony might be coming out w/ a newer console but not like you think though.  Think more so a minor upgrade than something entirely new.  

The report suggests that Sony is working on a PlayStation 4.5 which would be a more powerful version of the PS4 that could be better handle 4K gaming & PlayStation VR.  Why in the hell would they need to do that you might ask?  The current version of the console can only support 4K photos & video  but not games.  So handle more things, a more powerful GPU and CPU would be required.  

As more & more consumers make the transition from 1080p HDTVs to 4KTVs, an updated console does make sense.  Microsoft mentioned doing something similar as well.  The real question is that if this actually comes into fruition, when will this actually go on sale?  One year or 2 years from now?  Time will tell.