xbox-2B1-2Bps4-754906Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they would open up their platform to developers to enable cross-platform gaming.  Meaning Xbox Live gamers will soon be able to play against PS4 & PC gamers.  Now at this point, Microsoft has opened up its doors and its up to Sony to do the same.  

The folks over at Gamespot talked to someone over at Sony and said that they would be open to it.  They would definitely continue the conversation w/ publishers & developers in opening up their PlayStation Network.  They said that have previously done so w/ Final Fantasy 11 for the PS2 & PC back in 2002.  But there was zero mention of opening things up to Xbox Live though.  

So it’s not officially off the table, I guess it’s not exactly on it either.  Whatever the case, this needs to happen.  Maybe we’ll hear more about it at E3 this year.