Last but not least, another amazing piece of tech is becoming a reality.  Last year Google’s ATAP unveiled Project Jacquard, interactive fabrics that can make smart clothes which would allow you to control media or answer calls by swiping on sensors on your clothes.  

From the beginning, Google partnered w/ Levi’s to create clothing w/ the tech weaved inside.  They have been busy as they already a product utilizing it w/ the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket.  With it, you can touch your sleeve to control your phone, answer your phone call, navigate/use apps like Google Maps, Strava, Spotify, and more.  Of course, the APIs will be open for developers so more apps can support it.

Levi’s wants it to be known that the jacket will be like any other product of theirs.  It will be made like any other Levi’s product and you’ll be able to wash it.  Of course, you’ll want to remove certain chips before washing as the interactive weave can handle it.  

The Commuter smart jacket will come out sometime in Spring of 2017 and beta testing later this fall.  ATAP does it again but this time, we’ve moved from concept to closer to retail launch.  Check out our hands-on from I/O last year below.  

Who’s getting on-board the smart jacket train?