There were rumblings of its arrival and it is finally made official.  Meet the 2nd BlackBerry device powered by Android called the DTEK50.   Yeah, that’s the name – for real.  It is named after their very own security software BTW.  But they’re focusing on its security features inside of this one.  

BlackBerry took the frame of Alcatel’s Idol 4S to make their latest.  

As BlackBerry is calling it the most secure smartphone on the market right now.  The DTEK50 is offering a 5.2inch scratch-resistant 1080p display w/ 424ppi, powered by a Snapdragon 617 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage w/ microSD expansion up to 2TB, running Android 6.0 w/ BlackBerry’s security software (DTEK & BB Hub), a f/2.2 8MP front-facing camera w/ LED flash, a. f/2.0 13MP rear-facing camera w/ phase detection auto-focus, and a 2610 mAh battery.  

The DTEK software will bring forth protection from malware and other security problems.  You will also get access to an overview of your device’s security status as well as be proactive towards any potential security issues.  BB states that the modified version of Android get rapid updates for security patches as soon as they’re released.  

You can think of it as the new-and-improved Android version of the Blackberry Leap device.  It is up for pre-order right now for $299.99 and it will be sold unlocked to work on AT&T + T-Mobile.