psvr areaWhile we’re still a few months out from the official arrival of Sony’s VR gaming headset platform, we got more details on it.  All of this info is courtesy of a user guide revealed a little bit early for it on PlayStation Asia’s site.  

So for starters, you’re gonna need some room to really rock out w/ this thing which isn’t really much a surprise.  You’re gonna need around 60 square feet of space to be more exact.  You will also need to be seated while playing.  Although, I did play a demo of Batman: Arkham VR standing but didn’t anything that required standing up or actually walking.  

You will be able to use PSVR while wearing glasses BTW.  You’ll have a few different modes: Social Screen, Mirroring Mode, Separate Mode, and Cinematic Mode.  Social lets you play w. friends & family, Mirroring lets you mirror your VR image onto an external screen, Separate lets you play  co-op or versus w/ players on a TV, and Cinematic allows you to enjoy PS4 games, videos, & other media on a virtual big screen.  

The PlayStation VR is set to arrive on October 13th starting at $399.  Any of you PS4 owners looking to pick this up?

PlayStation Asia