PS4 slimNot to be outdone by Microsoft, Sony wanted to make sure they showed you how they do a redesigned + smaller console.  What we’re looking at is possibly an early look at the PlayStation 4 Slim.   This is courtesy of an online auction of someone selling one.  

It is smaller, slimmer, and even rounder than the OG PS4.  The bottom has the 4 PS symbols stamped on it (Square, X, Triangle, & Circle.  We see that is has a 500GB hard drive on the packing and that’s about it.  We aren’t sure if this will offer any 4k capabilities (gaming and/or media) based off what we see here it’s hard to tell.  

One could say that it could be a passed-on design of the original PS4 but w/ their NYC event looming, that is doubtful.  Looks like we will this along w/ their 4K PS4 Neo console on September 7th.   Thoughts?

PS4 slim