gopro-hero-5-frontThis afternoon, GoPro unveiled their latest addition to their world-renowned action camera: the Hero5 Black.  Thankfully, this time, it isn't a mere moderate upgrade but several new treats that many will welcome.  

gopro-hero-5-backThe Hero5 add a completely waterproof body that's good for up to 33ft out of the box w/o any type of additional housing involved.  You also have a 2inch touchscreen display, capable of shooting 4K video@30fps, Wide Dynamic Range video, 12MP camera sensor w/ RAW support, built-in GPS, electronic image stabilization, and voice control to take photos.record video via hands-free.

gopro-hero-5-sessionAlong w/ the Hero5 is the new Hero5 Session.  Yes, the small cube camera returns w/ more features than last time around.  It adds 4K video recording @30fps along w/ a 10MP camera sensor into the mix.  It also has a waterproof body and support for voice control.  

Both cameras announced today offer stereo mics for better audio for video as well as GoPro's new cloud connectivity, called GoPro Plus, for auto-uploading photos/videos online when your camera is charging.  The cloud service will cost you $5 per month of course.  

Both cameras are set to arrive on October 2nd.  The Hero5 Black will cost you $399 while the Session Hero5 Session will cost you $299.  Anyone in need to step up their action camera abilities and plan on picking one up?