We're approaching towards the end of the Batman series *insert sad face*.  While this episode wasn't as dope as the last one for me, it was still an interesting one.  During the last episode, we see a once-trusted character has been stringing you along as they have been masquerading as the main villain all along.  

We really begin to see more of the ramifications of your choices unfold in this one.  We get to see our 1st appearance of everyone's favorite Batman villain too as the story continues to progress.  More on him down below.  Anyways, welcome to our take on the Guardian Of Gotham episode.  Beware of spoilers and such.  

Bruce wakes up in Arkham Asylum to realize what's happened and what he's done.  Harvey placed him in there after almost beating Oswald to death live on TV and in front of the Wayne board of directors.  Only minutes of being inside, someone already attempts to kill you.  You're still doped up on Children Of Arkham rage drug so you're not quite 100%.  

Believe it or not, you're saved by...The Joker of all people.  Don't get too excited as this is just an introduction to his character and this story's retelling of his origins.  He shows you around Arkham as you see a few of Batman's rogues like The Ventriloquist & Mr. Zsasz.  He also gives you a bit of intel for you to follow as well before you get released.  

Harvey begins to settle in as the new maniac in Gotham - whether he realizes it or not.  


Once you leave, you see Harvey's military police has more or less taken over the city in a form of martial law.  This is his twisted way to 'protecting' the city while the Children Of Arkham have gone underground.  With Harvey seriously abusing his power as the Mayor, to the point where he's about to go against Gordon and his team.  To the point, where he blows up a building just to prove a point.  

Meanwhile, Penguin and his crew are hacking WayneTech servers and about to breach Batman tech as well.  So you have to stop him from doing so in a final fight in Lucius lab.  You end up winning while breaking his leg in a way which will cause a limp.  Unfortunately, my game ends w/ Harvey setting fire to Wayne Manor w/ Alfred possibly still inside. What an ass.  

batman telltale games review grade

The story slowly progresses for the finale.  

TG 2 Cents

This episode takes a backseat to the action and fills in more of the story. You get a little bit of fighting while in Arkham and later against the Penguin or Harvey.  Depending on which action you take.  Apparently, there can't be a batman episode w/o utilizing your detective skills as you do that twice (one at a murder scene & the other dismantling malfunctioning Bat-gear).  Of course, your experiences may differ due to the choices you make through your gameplay but this is how my game went along.  We can expect to see the final episode before the end of the year - hopefully.  I'm seriously looking forward to seeing exactly how this all ends.