There were talks of Amazon working on their own stores but not quite exactly what we may have thought.  Earlier this week, they unveiled a new Amazon Go retail store or the future of shopping.  This allows their customers to walk in, sing into the Amazon Go app, get what you came for and leave w/o seeing a checkout line but still being charged for it of course.  

We’re getting a bit closer to the future we’ve all dreamed about w/ Amazon Go.

This is called their ‘Just Walk Out Shopping Experience’.  This is all done by utilizing computer vision via cameras, tons of sensors, and deep learning throughout the store.   So yes, its like artificial intelligence is watching you shop, seeing what you pick up,  and properly charging you for your items.  Talk about your disruptive technology.  

They’re starting out w/ a big store in Seattle as the test store and then plan to expand to other location/stores form there.  I wonder if they’re implementing a way to still need a human presence in retail if this wave kicks off.  What do you all think about Amazon Go?  Interesting or scary?