u-connect-fca-googleGoogle is looking assist carmakers w/ their terrible & outdated-looking infotainment systems – like the one you see above.  They’ve teamed up w/ FiatChrysler to build a new one on top of Android.  This will merge their current UConnect system w/ Android 7.0 Nougat.   This will better assist in users taking better advantage of their native apps/services like Google Assistant & Maps along w/ music apps like Pandora, Spotify, etc.  

Google has already been working w/ the company as they’ve built 100 Pacifica minivans to work w/ Google’s self-driving hardware/software.  So consider the infotainment partnership as an extended part of the deal already set in place.  This would definitely make the selling cars w/ a dope-looking infotainment system a lot easier instead of the archaic designs we’re stuck with at the moment.  

Google to the rescue right?  Who’s looking forward better-looking dash systems?