Last week, Marvel Entertainment & Square Enix released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game series based on The Avengers.  The new partnership includes fan favorites like Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and more.  

On the development side of things, Crystal Dynamics & Eidos Montreal will be handling all of that.  They’re responsible for the titles like Deus Ex & Tomb Raider so you can expect those type of superior graphics to be involved for cinema cut scenes & gameplay.  

Based on the teaser, something has happened in regards to the story and you must reassemble the Avengers.  The 1st game is due out around the time Avengers Infinity War will arrive, on May 2018.  Sounds interesting but I definitely need to see more of the game before I can actually get excited about it.   

What’re your thoughts on it?

Square Enix