nintendo switch stock 1Well, we got just about all of the info we were missing about Nintendo's upcoming console: the Switch.  Most importantly, the pricing and the availability.  Like the headline says, it is set to arrive on march 3rd globally for $299 here in the US.  It will arrive in 2 colors: the all-Black that we've only seen prior to tonight's livestream and now the added Red & Blue accents.  

This might be what Nintendo needs to really be competitive.  

The mobile part of the Switch is a 6.2inch 720p tablet w/ 32GB of storage expandable via microSD and a 10-hour battery life that can be charged via USB-C while out and about.  In this mode, you'll use the Joy-Con controllers (which are the Red & Blue parts only of the image above).  When docked, you'll have to plug it the console via AC adapter and HDMI to your TV.  The Joy-Con controllers come together as a single, traditional controller called the Joy-Con Grip.

joy-consSpeaking of the controller, there is a lot of surprises inside of these bad boys.  Along w/ both sides offering the same stick, button/trigger layout, and capture button for screenshots/shares (video in the future); there's an IR motion camera, a gyroscope + accelerometer in each one to make it act like the Wii.  Very nice.  

The Switch won't be region-locked meaning one console can be played the same anywhere int he world.  Usually, you're not allowed to play games from other countries or buy consoles as they won't w/o the use of some hacking.  And lastly, Nintendo is going hard w/ plans to release their own paid online service for online multiplayer action later in the fall.  

If you're in the NYC area on Friday, you can swing by the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Plaza to reserve your system starting at 9AM.  Also on Sunday, you'll be able to swing by the store to demo it.  For everyone else, you can reserve yours right now at Best Buy & Walmart.  So is this all you need to know to make your decision on whether or not you're gonna buy the Switch?