What seems to have happened out of the blue, Verizon brings back the return unlimited data.  Yes, not a typo.  This is really happening.  

Starting tomorrow, all VZW subscribers can now opt for unlimited data plan.  This includes unlimited talk, text, & data  – which includes throttling past 22GB of data.  The plan also includes HD video streaming @720p, 10GB of tethering that gets throttled to 3G speeds past the 10GB, calling/texting to Canada + Mexico, and up to 500MB per day of LTE roaming in those 2 countries.  

VZW’s new unlimited offering will cost you $80 per month for a single line and $45 per line ($180 per month).  The new plans are introductory prices and Autopay is required.  If you aren’t interested in this for some reason, you still have the option for VZW’s S, M, & L options.  

VZW is the last carrier to add unlimited to the lineup but looks to offer the least amount of caveats minus the data cap.  Who’s looking to make the switch and change up their plan?