Earlier this week, Bungie & Activision dropped a teaser trailer for Destiny 2 and now we have the official trailer as they’re ready to go w/ their marketing plans and such for it.  They also dive into why you’ll have to start from scratch as well.  

The trailer differs the same story split by Zavala and Cayde w/ a different definition of an inspiring speech.  Unfortunately, the last safe city of humanity has fallen due to a new enemy: an invasion led by the new baddie Ghaul of the Red Legion.  This makes everyone who’s left have to leave to new regions of the solar system to bring forth new weapons & abilities.  So Bungie made sure to add why they’re not carrying your stuff over into the story.  You’ll still get access to your characters, though.  

The original Destiny will still get a few more raids before they wrap everything up to shift completely focus towards the sequel.  You can pre-order Destiny 2 right now as it will be available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 8th.  The beta is set to arrive sometime this summer and expects the 1st hands-on gameplay livestream on May 18th.

So who’s putting $$$ down on Destiny 2?