S8 colorsNext week Samsung will make the Galaxy S8 official and while we damn-near know just about everything we need to know, there’s always more details being revealed on just about a daily basis.  

Last week, we got new info on what the colorways the S8 will come with.  So thanks to EvLeaks via Twitter, we can expect at least 3 color options w/ Black Sky, Orchid Grey, and Arctic Silver.  We even got more details that were unveiled this morning on their AI side of things.  

Say goodbye to the useless S Voice which no one really used and say hello, officially, to their new Bixby digital assistant.  Bixby isn’t really supposed to go head-to-head w/ Siri & Google Assistant, but more so on a voice-based interface for controlling your apps and such.  So more so for navigation shortcuts than just seeking info hands-free.  

We’ll be on-hand live at the S8 unveiling w/ the team looking to crank out some video content for ya’ll.  Based on all of the leaks, what’s your favorite feature on the S8 thus far?

Samsung | Twitter