logan reviewLooks like Fox may have finally gotten their act together. I say that I have never been a huge fan of any of the X-Men films. Days of Future past was cool and X2 & the First Class were tolerable. The rest was straight garbage to me.

Last year, they released Deadpool where the story was original but the core of the character was spot on. That along w/ a great marketing campaign made it one of the darling superhero films of last year.

And now we have Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the character after 17 years of the entire X-Men universe revolving around him. Time to dig into Logan to see if the film is as good as the trailer makes it out to be.

The film takes place in 2029 which is only 6 years after the repaired timeline at the end of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. No new mutants have manifested within the last 25 years. And as you can see from the trailers, a lot has drastically changed for the worse. Logan and Charles are hiding out near the Mexican border w/ Logan being a limo driver and Charles going a bit senile. They stumble across a young mutant girl named Laura and the forces trying to capture her.

BTW, it lives up to its R-rating w/ beheadings, dismemberments, and a flash of breasts.

It is Logan unfiltered and Professor X as you’ve never seen him before. Dafne Keen who played Laura did an amazing job in displaying her perfect balance of savagery and caring in the frame of a child. The main villain of Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) of the Reavers did an amazing job in being a bit charismatic and relentless. Stephen Merchant did an amazing job as Caliban and Richard E. Grant didn’t get that much screen time as Zander Rice so it was OK.

The story makes sure to focus on the Logan, Charles, & Laura. It touches on what happened to everyone else if you can catch it but it’s not the main focus. It involves a road trip, family bonding, and lots slashing. This might be the perfect comic book movie for many. Even though it is vaguely based on of the Old Man Logan storyline, it is a superb story w/ great pacing, action, and the adamantium-clawed dismemberment you’ve been deprived of for so long. It’s good enough that it transcends the superhero genre into being an amazing film. Last time something like that happened was w/ Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Although it finished up the end of an era, it does leave the door open for an X-23 spin-off along w/ the other mutants. I know you may have seen this other places but this is easily the best X-Men film (including Deadpool) and best version of Wolverine on film.

If you’ve seen it, what’re your thoughts on it?