We told you about the Google x Levi’s partnership for a smart jacket last year w/ the Project Jacquard’s Commuter jacket.  And what is exactly is a smart jacket and what can it do?  It is a jacket w/ technology weaved into its fabric to do specific actions based on a touch.  

Levi’s Commuter smart jacket has a rechargeable tag on its sleeve that can be tapped to answer your phone, reading texts, navigating Maps, playing music, and much more.  Google is currently working w/ 3rd-party developers to bring forth other abilities to the smart jacket.  

Google was showing it off this past weekend in Austin, Texas for SXSW.  Google & Levi’s were on hand letting people demo their smart jacket along w/ announcing the price tag and when you can actually buy one for yourself.  Like the title says, expect it later this fall w/ a $350 price tag.  

This all started at Google I/O 2015 as part of Google’s ATAP where they began experimenting w/ wires weaved into fabrics.  You can check out its origins in the video below.