I hope you don’t think Cadillac is resting easy this year for the NY Auto Show.  Earlier this week, they unveiled a project they’ve been working on to launch w/ the CT6: their auto-driving Super Cruise technology.  

Super Cruise works by tracking your head via an infrared camera on the steering column and sends alerts or stops the car when you stop paying attention.  The technology utilizes LiDAR data recorded by other nearby cars along w/ onboard sensors & GPS as well.  Super Cruise will only work on divided highways w/ clear entrance + exit ramps.  The technology is a bit limited due to consumer & regulatory trust at the current time but hopes it will improve over time. 

According to Cadillac, this will be the 1st vehicle w/ true hands-free driving.  They’re actually not wrong as Tesla’s Autopilot still encourages drivers to keep your hands on the wheel.  Cadillac only wants you to keep your eyes on the road and take a nap or something.   

Now mind you, Super Cruise won’t be cheap as Cadillac is an American luxury brand.  The CT6 is set to arrive sometime this fall and you will need to add-on the higher trim levels to enjoy it.  

So who’s looking to take Cadillac’s take on automated driving for a spin?