xbox scorpioRemember Xbox Project Scorpio that was unveiled at E3 last year?  It is Microsoft’s most powerful gaming console making it the highest tier ahead of the Xbox One S and then the now OG Xbox One.  According to a tweet from Eurogamer, they will offer an exclusive reveal on the console.  They got a chance to see Forza Motorsport 7 running at 4K.  

Now don’t expect a full reveal as Microsoft will be doing that later this year at E3 in June.  So don’t hold your breathe for the final name or a clear look at the console tomorrow.  Scorpio is said to offer a relatively small design & integrated power brick as we know it will run at 6 teraflops, 12GB of RAM, and a 8-core chipset (Ryzen maybe?).  This will help it support true 4K gaming, Hi-Fi VR support, UHD Blu-Ray, 4K game DVR + 4K streaming.  All of this while still being compatible to the Xbox One + One S.  

Depending on if Microsoft gives this a reasonable price tag, who will be picking up the Scorpio?