Last week, Adidas announced what could be the future of footwear. Introducing the Carbon x Adidas Futurecraft 4D sneaker. This is the 1st sneaker w/ its midsole made of a liquid polymer resin then fixed into the desired shape using ultraviolet light.

This process was created by a Silicon Valley company called Carbon as they state that it is faster & more adaptable than the standard 3D printing. This process eliminates the need for crafting molds and raises the limits of manufacturing.  Of course w/ the way they are made, these will be custom made to fit the individual a lot better instead of being made to fit all.  These are not concept sneakers as they will be made available in limited release.

The 1st wave is set to launch later this month w/ only 300 pairs for friends & family only. Then look for a bigger release at 5,000 pairs later in the year. Adidas is looking to make 100,000 of these by the end of 2018.

No word on pricing on the Futurecraft but expect it to be on the higher side.