Galaxy S8 Note 8Over the weekend, an elder in the leak game, Eldar Multazin, posted a photo on Twitter of what appears to be a Galaxy S8+ but w/ a dual camera setup instead of a single lens.  Kind fo makes you wish this was the case the S8 Plus, right?

Now we’re not sure if this is some sort of prototype that didn’t quite make it into production for whatever reason.  We do see w/ the added lens & dual camera housing, gone is the fingerprint reader.  Maybe in this device, they were able to properly get it working under the front display w/ the invisible Home button.

Other talks suggest that this prototype is a test for the upcoming Note 8 which always more powerful that the standard Galaxy S series of devices anyways.  This could be the case actually.  According to Samsung’s philosophies, a dual camera setup would require more sensors, RAM, & CPU power.  This would make sense at the Notes are usually more powerful anyways.

Now, we don’t see any room for an embedded S Pen as that could debunk this but w/ this being a prototype, it may not have made its way on this particular device.  Would you be game for a dual camera setup on the Note 8 or you don’t really care?