Now that many of you got your Galaxy S8 in your hands, many of you probably aren’t feeling the Bixby as a service as it isn’t quite finished yet or the dedicated Bixby button.  There has been a lot of back-and-forth of Samsung allowing folks to remap the button and not.  They ended off w/ a no-go.  

Low-and-behold, developer Dave Bennett created a free utility called BixRemap to fix just that.  This free app allows you to replace it w/ Google Now.  The app was put together in like 20 mins so it isn’t perfect.  It will still open Bixby then after a second goes to the Google Now instead. 

Now a dedicated Google Now button won’t be ideal for some but at least it can actually be useful.  Hit the link below to grab the app and get started.  

Download BixRemap here