tesla modle s refresh 1Last week, folks hit up Tesla CEO on Twitter to ask some questions about the Model 3 and what else is coming from the company this year.  Interestingly enough, he was happy enough to answer them on Twitter.  

Well, the Intel is out there for all to see.  But if you missed it, they will officially unveil the Model 3 in July.  We mean the final production version will look like and hopefully along w/ that, the official pricing and specs on it.  Back when it was unveiled, we got a glimpse at the early production and that’s about it.  

Next up, we got an electric semi truck that he confirmed is coming.  Musk said that it is coming or being unveiled later in September.  He called it next level and says his team did an amazing job with it.  Time will have to tell w/ this one.  

And lastly, he also confirmed an electric pickup truck that was mentioned back in July as part of his upcoming master plan during a quarterly conference call.  The pickup truck is set to be unveiled within the next 18-24 months.  

So w/ that, we also anticipating a newer take on the Roadster and an electric minbus over the next few years.  Thoughts on the future for Tesla?

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