We kind of already heard the rumbling of a 3rd, more high-end version of the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition or whatever the hell Apple winds up calling it.  Yesterday, the folks over at Bloomberg more or less confirmed that it is coming.  Alongside the standard 4.7inch iPhone 8 & 5.5inch iPhone 8 Plus- all 3 models running iOS 11.  

Apple is set to do its best Samsung impression.

The high-end version is supposed to be more or less Apple’s version of the Samsung’s Galaxy line w/ an OLED display that curves into the stainless steel frame on the sides.  Hopefully, this will bring forth a resolution beyond 1080p.  Currently, they’re having a difficult time fitting a fingerprint scanner on the Home button which will be part of the Home screen.  This would put another sensor on the rear just for that.  Also, new would be a dual camera setup fitted vertically instead of horizontally.  There is also word of Apple testing a dual lens front-facing shooters.  No word on whether or not, Apple will be diving into AR (augmented reality) just yet.  

Bloomberg reports that the iPhone Edition will be a bit on the late side.  Like maybe 2 or 3 months after the other 2 become available.  The iPhone Edition is said to be around $1000 and arriving in only higher storage sizes.  Mind you that the specific details and the renders are all allegedly so don’t hold this as the gospel.  

But whatever the case, it is coming later this year to coincide w/ the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.  Who’s looking to grab this one over the standard ones?

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