HUAWEI MateBook XHuawei’s new MateBooks that were unveiled last month are getting ready for all to grab one.  For a recap, they unveiled  not one but 3 new Matebooks this year.  The MateBook X: a 13inch super-thin & powerful laptop, the MateBook E: an updated version form last year’s model, and the MateBook D: a 15inch mid-range laptop joining the fold.  

The X will arrive in Space Gray w/ a 7th-gen Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, & 256GB SSD for $1,100.  You can also get it in Prestige Gold w/ a Core i7, 8GB of RAM, & 512GB SSD for $1,300.  The E will arrive in Titanium Gray w/ a 7th-gen Intel Core m3, 4GB of RAM, & 128GB SSD for $800.  The Champagne Gold color arrives w/ a Core i5, 8GB of RAM, & 256GB SSD for $1,000.  And lastly, the MateBook D offers a 7th-gen Core i5, 8GB of RAM, & 1TB HD for $700.  You can pre-order them all tomorrow, June 30th, at Amazon & NewEgg.  

We’re definitely trying to review that MateBook X for you guys.  *fingers crossed* Well, that you have all of the info on it, are you gonna pre-order one?