Well, if you haven’t been keeping up w/ the recent marketing from Tidal, you may have noticed the numbers 4:44 everywhere.  It has been on billboards and videos on YouTube starring actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover.  

It is now, officially the title for Jay’Z’s 13th solo album and will arrive as a Tidal exclusive w/ Sprint subscribers getting access to it as well.  This will be the 1st of exclusives for Sprint users as they get a free 6-month trial of Tidal HiFi to enjoy the album for free.  

The album is coming on June 30th to your devices.  Hov’s last album came as an exclusive to Samsung devices which become platinum automatically.  Hopefully, this will be better than Magna Carter and closer to American Gangster but that’s my 2 cents though.