WW review 1In case you didn't know, there was a lot riding on Wonder Woman prior to its release. Man Of Steel was received OK - for the most part, BvS was divisive w/ most of the public hating it, and Suicide Squad being only slightly better - for some.

So in order for their movie universe to continue past Justice League, this needed to be good - like universally good. Spoiler: DC knocked Wonder Woman out of the park.

WW takes place about a few months after BvS and it starts off w/ Diana working as in the Louvre in Paris as she gets a package from Wayne Enterprises. It is the original photo seen in Lex's files in BvS. Then we flashback to her as a little girl in Themyscira, their way of life, and their origins. From there, we get Steve crashing near the island and the movie goes from there to London and the fun & action picks up from there.

Balance: the one word to describe WW.  In story, pacing, action, humor, & emotions.

WW review 2I know there were a lot of you hesitant for Gadot to lead a movie w/ limited acting experience but she did a great performance in displaying naivety, emotion, and physicality of Diana. Chris Pine was more of a co-lead than a co-star. He did a stellar job showing Diana the world & had great chemistry.

The story & pacing was superb and offered heart, humor, and action. They also did a good job at showing the horrors of war (specifically World War I) while still progressing the story forward. Much better than Marvel did w/ the 1st Captain America movie. It was almost perfect as for me the 3rd act didn't feel as strong as the rest of the movie. And the villains of Dr. Poison & Erich Ludendorff had a few mustache-twirling scenes that had my eyes roll a bit.

WW review 3

Definitely wanted more Amazon action   They were super hardcore.  

Glad to see that Wonder Woman's 1st movie in her 75-year history is a good one. This film represents a lot of things. Like a female superhero film can be done and done well, a female director can take the helm of a big budget comic book movie, as well as the cementing DC's future films.

So for those of you DC fans waiting for them to get their cinematic universe right, this is it. Hats off to Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Geoff Johns & the rest of the WW team. Justice League is up next and due out in November. Can't wait.