amazon alexa app htcWhen the U11 was first unveiled, HTC talked about having Amazon’s Alexa app on their 2017 flagship.  The app wasn’t available at launch but it is ready for consumption now.  

Alexa is currently over 15,000 skills it can do along w/ ordering stuff of Amazon’s site via voice.  You can play music, have it read audiobooks to you, get the weather, call an Uber, order a pizza from Domino’s, make calls/text messages, smart home abilities like turning on/off smart lights, and much more.  

 This now makes a total of 3 different virtual assistants on the U11: Google Now, HTC Sense Companion, and now Alexa.  For you U11 owners, swing by the Play Store to grab the HTC Alexa app to get started.  The question now is: what other phone makers do you want to bring Alexa to smartphones?

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