disney logoYesterday, Disney announced that they would be pulling their content from Netflix and other streaming services by 2019.  The reason is that they just acquired the majority of BAMTech, a company that is experts in streaming sports video for an ESPN streaming service coming next year.

Looks like cord-cutting is about to get more expensive.

Disney’s new service will be the go to place for all-things Disney for on-demand content as well as the exclusive home for the upcoming Toy Story 4, Frozen 2, live-action Lion King, and more.  No word on whether this will include the Marvel cinematic/animated universe or not.   Hopefully, it won’t but if you have children, it won’t matter anyway.  So you have from now until the beginning of 2019 to enjoy Disney content elsewhere until you have to go directly to the source.

I, among many cord-cutters, looked to save $$$ on their cable bill by rocking only a strong Internet connection & select streaming services.   There’s always borrowed passwords and such but more exclusive places to stream content will eventually lead to more $$$ monthly.  First, DC and now Disney, who’s next to try and go exclusive on us.