After getting a live demo of it back at I/O 2017, all of you Android TV owners will get a big update to your set-top boxes or powered TVs.  It will add the functionality of Google Assistant to the mix.  So now you’ll be able to say what you want to play as well as control smart home products, and Google searches to name a few.  

Many of you folks are more than likely using the only relevant form of Android TV: the NVIDIA Shield.  You’ll be able to access Google Assistant using the mic button on the remote as well as hands-free to the mic on the controller.  You can grab the update now as it is called the Experience Upgrade 6.0.  

For those of you who own a Sony Bravia w/ Android TV built into it, the update should arrive within the coming months.  


So who’s excited for this bit of news?  DOes this breathe new life into your Android TV product?