Although we had a garden variety of topics to discuss today, this came out to be one hell of a show.  Definitely proud of this one.   We leave no stone unturned in this one.  

This episode, we talk about:

  • R.I.P Hugh Heffner + legacy
  • GoPro Hero Black: 4k @60fps/slow-mo 120fps @2.7K/240fps@1080p for $500
  • GoPro Karma drone gets a follow mode
  • Amazon new Echo products: Echo Spot – smart alarm clock that makes video calls or nursery camera for $130.  Echo Plus – fresh original Echo that comes w/ a Hue light and stronger wireless range for $149.
    Smaller Echo w/ cloth for $99. Echo Connect is a smaller $35 device that lets u make phone calls using Alexa.  Fire TV now supports 4K HDR.
  • LG V30 coming next week starting at $800.
  • Google Assistant comes to Android TV products like the NVIDIA Shield.
  • Mario was punching Yoshi all of this time.
  • Red Dead Redemption game trailer.
  • Annihilation movie trailer
  • NFL x Trump
  • Puerto Rico
  • Stripper #1 record in the country


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