03_Blue_Blackout Spark_SL_Lifestyle1Yesterday, Blue Microphones unveiled a new Blackout Edition of their popular Spark SL condenser mic.  This is made to give us digital content creators a more professional sounding audio on our content.  Whether its YouTube, Twitch, podcast, or whatever platform you utilize.  

The Blackout Spark SL offers custom-designed JFET condenser capsule to better handle a wide variety of recording situations.  You can pick your voice/instrument up and cuts the background noise out.  This does so by a 100Hz high-pass filter that cuts excess noise and a -20db pad to keep your voice clear.  The Spark SL has an XLR connection to work easily w/ USB interfaces & mixers to sync onto your computer.  

It comes in a wooden box w/ a shock mount to easily add to a boom arm or mic stand.  Blue makes sure to give you high-end audio for only $200.  It is available now at Amazon, Blue’s site, B&H, and various other retailers.  

So who’s picking one up?

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