It has been a couple of months now and I wonder how many Note 7 owners are still waiting for Samsung to offer a better solution for a device that was already paid for & recalled.  I know I am not alone. I have been a true loyal Note owner since the Note 2. I followed up with the premium leather backed Note 3 or the original premium flagship of its kind and moved right into the Note 4.  I skipped the Note 5 due to the bad move to lack expandable storage.  

I was completely dedicated and prepared for the “Next Big Thing” with the Note 7 and was promptly booted after only 4 months due to the battery. I was then subjected to the S7 Edge, while a suitable device for some it was not my particular favorite member of the Samsung family.  The S7 Edge was far less of a comparable device and even had me consider the Note 5 but could not get over the locked storage option of 64 GB. I would rather have the Note 7 back instead of being duped into paying astronomical pricing for the Note 8 and still owning/paying for the S7 Edge.

So after paying on or paying off a Note 7, we have to pony up over $500 towards a new phone.

Amazing how Samsung was so quick to pull the Note 7 and offer temporary devices on their dime but now make it a little more impossible to get back to a comparable device now that it is available.  The buy-in seemed great initially and was masked by a high price tag and little adjustment financially.  I still love Samsung but just as everyone else in my boat. But we are growing weary of being pushed aside and expected to just enjoy the new Note 8 and the huge price tag it comes with it. Samsung was offering up to $425 off when you trade-in your current phone towards a Note 8. So after paying on or paying off a Note 7, we have to pony up over $500 towards a new phone.

Us Note owners have helped to grow a device that was initially considered a joke and foolish for anyone to have a huge tablet as a phone.  Samsung Note and Note-like devices have slowly become a status quo for the creative type just as Apple once did.  A 'Note' to Samsung, keep your following strong. Those who are truly dedicated to you and not just following the big device fad are missing out and you can help make things right. 

This, in my opinion, would be more of a reason to keep your current customers, fans, clients, loyalists, or base level merchant investors completely satisfied. Especially in an appropriate offer that lets them know you care about more than just their bottom dollar. At a time where customer relations is failing to the waste side due to social media and the 1st Amendment, maybe Samsung can be the first to lead the drive in building a bridge to regain the true meaning behind brand/customer appreciation.

You can call it blind loyalty, a glutton for punishment or whatever.

If anyone else who would like to share the grievances please leave a comment below or follow the link to the Samsung Community forum.  With the talk of Class Action Suits being filled for every corporation big and small maybe Samsung would be willing to once again fix this issue.  You can call it blind loyalty, a glutton for punishment or whatever.

So what should be the answer to Note 7 owners, a free Note 8 would be great but not realistic. At least a bigger price cut for Note 8 would be a great start. That's all I can come up with at the moment. Until a real solution arrives, I will still wave the Samsung flag until more reason for me not to.