This was definitely a more interesting week on current events & entertainment.  We talk Rick & Morty McDonald’s sauce, Fast & Furious drama, Comic-Con trailers, and more.  Not much on the tech side of things so this is more of a SomeGuy episode.  

This episode, we talk about:

  • Dolby Atmos/iPic movie theaters
  • iPhone 8 battery issues
  • Samsung Star Wars robot vacuum
  • Rick & Morty botch the Szechuan sauce promo
  • Tyrese vs. the Rock
  • Nelly rape accusation
  • ESPN/Jerry Jones vs Jemel Hill
  • Power of the brown dollar
  • Walking Dead crossover
  • Star Wars: Last Jedi 2nd trailer
  • Justice League 3rd & IG trailer
  • Batman: the animated series coming to Blu-ray
  • DJI new drone camera lenses
  • Movies Anywhere


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