There is definitely a lot to unpack this time around.  We cover new Apple announcements, FCC killing Net Neutrality, new trailers from the Marvel side of things, a refreshed gaming classic, Disney more or less now owning most of media, & more.  

This episode we talk about:

  • FCC killed off Net Neutrality
  • Disney now owns Fox’s TV /Entertainment division
  • Apple buys Shazam for $400 mill
  • The powerful Apple iMac Pro starting at $5K is out
  • Did anyone check out Google’s 3 new experimental photo/video apps
  • Google Home Max is out now
  • Qualcomm to bring 4K HDR video & more improvement w/ the Snapdragon 845 CPU
  • YouTube working on another paid service but focused more so on music
  • Street Fighter 30th anniversary collection (12 games in 1 including Street Fighter 1, 5 part 2s, 3 Alphas, & 3 part 3s).
  • WB restructuring DC Film division
  • Batfleck last film allegedly will be Flash
  • Jon Hamm rumored to replace Ben Affleck as Batman
  • Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer
  • Spiderman: Enter The SpiderVerse trailer


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