Remember Amazon’s cashier-free Go store?  Yeah, well, the 1st store just went live at the company’s headquarters in Seattle.  The Amazon Go store is now open to non-employees so the public can experience their vision of how a store should look/work.  

As far as selection, think 7/11 not Shop Rite. 

The folks over at ReCode along w/ other notable publications got a chance to visit and check it out for themselves.  So here’s out it goes: you walk into the store, scan your smartphone app once inside, AI vision tracks items you take off the shelves, and that’s it.  You’re connected account will get charged upon exiting the store.  The only staff present is to check ID for alcohol purchases & the kitchen area.  

Inside you got salads, sandwiches and beverages, ready-to-eat meals, small selections of alcohol, produce, meat and even Amazon’s own meal kits.  You even got some cookies, chips,  & nuts from Whole Food’s 365 Everyday Value brand as well.  

Now don’t get too excited as there isn’t a solid plan to push more of these stores as the technology has yet to proven.  Like how well the AI can track times in a crowded store and such.  So don’t expect announcements for massive opening of Amazon Go stores for at least another few years.