Well, that didn’t last long at all.  During their latest earnings call w/ their investors, they talked about the Karma being their final drone.  Making their time in the drone market less than a year.  We can only presume that the Karma didn’t make any $$$ due to recall & returns.  

GoPro hasn’t been doing all of that great financially ever since they went public back 4 years ago.  Overall revenue has been falling a bit, hundreds of their staff getting laid off, and w/ minimal hardware upgrades while DJI & other companies have been thriving.  It probably didn’t help Karma sales when DJI revealed the Mavic Pro a week later either.  Also, the fact of their Karma drone getting recalled after some of them were losing power mid-flight.  

While not the best looking drone, I would have likedot see GoPro try again w/ another design of sorts.  But oh well at this point.  Definitely not happening at this point as there are already rumblings of the company itself could be for sale.  Hopefully, the company can bounce back this year.