HyperX always drops some new heat for CES and in the year of 2018 is no different.  Say hello to their 1st-ever wireless headset w/ the Cloud Flight gaming cans.  Now, these aren’t just their regular cans now wireless as this will be part of their high-end selection of products.  

You got a wireless connection via USB to your gaming console (only PC & PS4 as Xbox One doesn’t support 3rd-party headsets and you’ll have to plug into the controller).  This gives you 30 hours of battery life w/o the blinking Red LEDs, 18 hours w/ the LEDs in a blinking pattern, & 13 hours w/ the LEDs on.  All within a pair of 50mm dynamic drivers and a noise-canceling mic.  

The Cloud Flight is available right now in the US, Canada, Europe, & Australia for the price of $160.   Looks like HyperX got another great pair of cans – unless you’re an Xbox One owner.