With Apple changing the game w/ by ditching pretty much all ports for only USB-C ports, #donglelife has become more & more of a real thing.  Kingston has arrived w/ a USB-C solution to help out w/ that.

Meet the Kingston Nucleum: a 7-in-1 USB-C hub.  This gives you a 4K HDMI port, microSD + SD card slots, 2 USB-C (power + data), and 2 normal USB ports.   Some of the new Chromebooks of last year are doing the same as Apple like the Samsung’s Chromebook Pro/Plus & Google’s Pixelbook.  So this is no longer an isolated Apple thing.  

Frankly, I’m surprised Kingston didn’t make a USB-C dongle last year but it looks like it was worth the wait.  You can pick it up now for $80 via Kingston & Amazon.  Looks good.  I’m looking procure one for myself in the near future.