We already talked about Lenovo’s take on Google’s forthcoming Smart Displays and ow its time to talk about LG’s take on it.  Say hello to the LG ThinQ WK9 touchscreen speaker.  Yeah, not the best name for it at all but what can you do, right?

If the ThinQ brand from LG sounds familiar, it should.  This is their lineup for smart products (fridges, speakers, etc.).  The WK9 looks like a modern-day alarm clock but much larger.  We don’t know much about the specs but it does offer an 8inch touchscreen panel, 2 speakers tuned by Meridian Audio, and a physical switch to turn off the camera.  

And that’s about it.  So far, the Lenovo one looks the best and will be coming out 1st.  LG’s Smart Display is slated for a launch during the summer so there will be a wait.  We don’t know the pricing but hopefully, it will be in the ballpark of what Lenovo will be asking for theirs.