Last week as CES was winding down, DJI sent out invites for an upcoming press event for a new product launch in NYC.  The invite didn’t offer too much to go on other than a profile of something & the words: Adventure Unfolds.  

But the folks over at DroneDJ got some intel based off an older forum post that provides missing pieces of the puzzle.  The posts refers to employees from DJI’s Australia store discussing upcoming drones.  They talk about: 2 new DJI models “coming soon”. A “Mavic Air” smaller than the current Mavic but still with folding arms and a “toy” model smaller than the Spark which does flips. 

Well, the smaller one that flips was unveiled at CES w/ Intel called the DJI Tello.  So this would lead us to believe that smaller Mavic Air is set to become official next week.  Currently, the only DJI drone that folds is the Mavic Pro.  So this could be a drone that sits in-between the Mavic & the Spark and be faster as well.

Whatever gets unveiled, we’ll be there live to cover it and share the news w/ you all.  If this does wind up being a smaller Mavic, would you spring to get this?