That’s right, Xbox One owners.  You just got another tool in your arsenal for cord-cutting content w/ the return of the Kodi app.  Quick lesson: Kodi was originally the Xbox Media Center or Player and was available on the very first-gen Xbox many years ago.  

This news was announced a few days before we hit 2018 but was only available in select regions overseas like Europe.  It is now available to all regions so everyone can now get into the fun.  For the unfamiliar, Kodi is what is powering the hacked Amazon Fire TV sticks someone you know is selling for like $100.   Kodi allows you to watch the latest TV shows & films from your home ‘legally’ somehow.  

Be mindful that there are some limitations as the app doesn’t support external/network storage but if you can watch stuff like Coco, Justice League, Bright, & other films/shows; who’s gonna complain?  I know I’m not.