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Black Panther Review 0

Black Panther Review

Share this:       So finally after just about 10 years of the MCU, we get Marvel’s first black-led superhero film. It’s not Falcon or War Machine …

Justice League Review 0

Justice League Review

Share this:       So the time has finally come to bring DC’s heroes to the big screen in Justice League. It was a long road to …

Thor Ragnarok IMAX Review 0

Thor Ragnarok IMAX Review

Share this:         Hard to believe that it’s been a total of 4 years since the last Thor solo film. It turned out to just …

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review 0

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Share this:       A few months back, my wife and I saw an early release of the latest from director Matthew Vaughn w/ Kingsmen: The Secret …