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Blue Satellite Review 0

Blue Satellite Review

Share this:       Blue returns this year w/ something slightly different from the atypical headphones you would expect from them.  They unveiled it at CES earlier …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review 0

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Share this:       Yup.  That’s what we’re calling the latest from Samsung.  Their hardware design has come quite some ways.  The Galaxy S8/S8+ new curved design …

LG G6 Review 0

LG G6 Review

Share this:       I think we can all admit that the G5 wasn’t the best execution of a modular device. But as a flagship, It was …

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review 0

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Share this:       Hyper X returns for another gaming headset for all.  This one actually came out last year but we didn’t get around to it …