ps4-pro-2Earlier today in NYC shortly after all of the Apple news, Sony unveiled 2 new consoles: the PS4 Pro & the PS4 Slim.  So now we can finally stop calling it the PS4 Neo as it has a real name: the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony goes 4K gaming but forgot to add support for 4K Blu-Ray.

The new PS4 Pro offers double the CPU, double the GPU, a 1TB HD, and support for 4K HDR gaming and content.  However, a 4KTV won’t be required to use the PS4 Pro as the console determines the best resolution based on your setup.   Unfortunately, their new console won’t support 4K Blu-Rays for some reason.  We know Sony focuses more on gaming than entertainment but this should’ve been a given.  Note: The Xbox One S does offer this as I am sure the upcoming Scorpio will as well.  

As far as the PS4 Slim, it is literally just a smaller PS4 w/ a redesigned light bar and updated DualShock 4 controller.  They actually just called it the new and smaller PS4 instead of the PS4 Slim BTW.  Sony is making sure to bring HDR support to all 3 versions of the PS4 next week via an update.  

The PS4 Pro will be out on November 10th and will cost you $399 while the PS4 Slim will be out next week for $299.  So now that’s it’s here, was it worth the wait?  Which one do you plan on picking up?