Last week during press days at the NY Auto Show, we got a chance to talk cars w/ Kia.  More specifically Neil Dunlop, head of PR for Kia to be exact.  We talked about the inspiration behind the new Niro hybrid and we dive a bit into what their future plans are for green technology and other vehicles.  

You can see the video above along w/ notes from the interview below:

What inspired Kia to create the Niro?

We wanted to offer a car to consumers that offer everything from a hybrid like lower emissions and great fuel efficiency but still be useful to their lifestyle.  You can fit 5 passengers in here w/ a hatchback.  So we wanted to offer a car that gives you a hybrid w/o looking like one.  BTW, this is Kia’s 1st car that was built to be a hybrid rather than add those features on existing vehicles.

Any plans for more vehicles like the Niro in the near future from Kia?

We actually do.  This is all a part of our green roadmap which is $10.2 billion investment in green technology.  We already have more plug-in hybrids than any of competitors w/ the Niro, Optima, & the EV Soul.  We’re hoping to have 9-11 models available by 2020 that will be a plug-in, a hybrid, electric, or other technologies.  Kia is dedicated to reducing emission by 25% by the year 2020 as well as fuel consumption.

What are your go-to apps on your phone right now?

That’s easy.  Google, Yelp!, and American Airlines.

Huge thanks to Neil and the rest of the Kia team for making this happen.