Earlier this week amongst all of the E3 news, Astro dropped some new headsets aimed at the affordable market w/ the A10s.  Most of their gaming headsets are priced from $150 to $300 ranges so the A10s being $60 is new territory for them.

These are wired gaming cans armed w/ 40mm Hi-Fi drivers, a foldaway omnidirectional boom mic that mutes when flipped up, and memory foam cushions for your headband + earcups.  All within a rubber body + aluminum headband.  The A10s will work on damn-near everything.  From the entire Xbox One family (One, One S, & One X), PC, Mac, PS4, smartphones, tablets, and all current VR headsets as well.  

The A10s are out now for $60 and $100 when you add their MixAmp M60 to the mix.  Hopefully, there are no compromises w/ this one.  Who’s picking these up?