nintendo switch leadFor those of you Nintendo Switch owners eagerly awaiting more intel on their upcoming online gaming platform, your wait is over.  Yesterday, the company unveiled the basics on pretty much everything we need to know about it.  

Nintendo definitely has the most reasonable pricing for online gaming/services.  

For starters, online gameplay will be free until the service launches in 2018.  After that, expect to pay to access online multiplayer.  The pricing for it is $4 for 1-month, $8 for 3 months, and $20 for the year.  Along w/ multiplayer, you’ll get eShop deals to save $$$ off of new games purchased digitally.  This also includes access to their classic games from their back catalog as well for games like Super Mario Bros 3, Balloon Fight, & Dr. Mario to name a few.  

Expect to see an early look at the software this summer as a Switch smartphone app alongside the gaming service next year.  This will allow you invite friends to games, set up sessions, or chat w/ friends while gaming on their 2nd screens. 

So who’s interested in Nintendo’s multiplayer service?