photoshop elements 2018Earlier this week, Adobe unveiled the newest version of the Elements software for 2018.  More specifically, Photoshop & Premiere Elements 2018 for your photo & video needs.  Let’s talk about all that it can do.  

If you didn’t know, its the entry-level version of Photoshop & Premiere.  This will offer more features to focus more so on the lightweight editing for social media & smartphone photos/videos.  Let’s dive into the new changes set to arrive.  

  • Auto-Curate– Elements Organizer will use facial recognition and image analysis to select your best photos for you.
  • Slideshows– Curated photos and videos can be turned into customizable slideshows with just one click.
  • Guided Edits– Adobe has automated 8 more formerly complex workflows such as replacing backgrounds, creating double exposures, and artistic effects. These edits are presented with step by step instructions. Also new is a “bounce-back” effect that can selectively loop a segment of video back and forth. This effect has become increasingly popular thanks to iOS 11’s new live photo options and Instagram’s Boomerang app.
  • Animated Social Posts– Fans of Apple’s Clips app will appreciate the ability to make short visuals stories from their videos right on the Mac. Videos can be embellished with static or animated text.
  • Automatic Selection– Precise selections can be time consuming and challenging to pull off even for professionals, so Adobe has introduced a click and drag tool in Photoshop Elements to simplify the process.
  • Fix Closed Eyes– If you’ve taken a series of group photos and someone’s eyes are closed, Elements will intelligently copy the open eyes from one photo and blend them into another.
  • Candid Moments– Automatic extraction of great still frames from your raw video footage. If you’ve ever missed a perfect photo because you were shooting a video, this feature will be a welcome addition.
  • Smart Trim– Premiere Elements will automatically trim out the bad scenes from your videos and stitch together the best moments for you based on the style of video. Like Adobe’s other automated features, this can be customized.

Both are available right now, really earlier this week.  You can pick up the each of them for $100 or $80 as an upgrade as well as buy as a bundle deal for $150 or $120 as an upgrade.  

Mind you that the full version of Photoshop & Premiere ain’t for everyone,  this is an interesting alternative for consumers.  

So who’s picking this up or upgrading?